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E+Selbird (Vitamina E + Selenio)

E+Selbird (Vitamina E + Selenio) ForteBird
E+Selbird (Vitamina E + Selenio) ForteBird
E+Selbird (Vitamina E + Selenio) ForteBird
E+Selbird (Vitamina E + Selenio) ForteBird
E+Selbird (Vitamina E + Selenio)
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FertiBird's Vitamin E + Selenium is a vitamin-mineral supplement containing a combination of vitamin E and selenium especially indicated for the reproductive period. 

It is a very beneficial supplement during the breeding period, since in addition to stimulating oestrus, fertility and number of eggs laid, it helps prevent degenerative processes in the body and muscular alterations.

Its use is recommended in the process of preparation for breeding, the rearing period and in periods of growth, since in addition to improving the oestrus and fertility it has very positive effects on the muscular and skeletal generation of our birds.


- Helps prevent muscle atrophy, spasms, and stiffness

- It increases fertility and the number of fertilized eggs.

- Stimulates the laying of eggs

- Excellent corrector for vitamin deficiency in the body

- Very beneficial during breeding


Vitamin E + Selenium 


Administration in the drinking water . Administer 2 ml of E+Selbird per liter of water in periods of 3-4 days per week during a month prior to pairing. Drinking water should be renewed daily.

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