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Bipal Recuperator 700 grs (proteínas al 40%, vitamina B y minerales)

Bipal Recuperator 700 grs Otros
Bipal Recuperator 700 grs (proteínas al 40%, vitamina B y minerales)
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Bipal Recuperator 700gr, (40% protein, vitamin B and minerals).
- Supplement with 40% protein to mix with the mixture.
- It also contains vitamins and minerals
- Stimulates growth and strengthens the bodys defenses.
- Organic activator especially indicated for after the flight.
- Provides excellent recovery for pigeons after the flight and improves overall results.
With Bipal Protein we get:
- Stimulate the growth of chicks
- Increase the digestibility of nutrients.
- Eliminate digestive disorders.
- Healthy, flexible and shiny plumage
- Improve the general condition of pigeons
- 40% crude protein.
- Crude fiber 6.17%.
- Gross fat 1.44%.
- Crude ash 6.16%.
- Humidity 12.22%.
- Soluble fermentation
- Soybean meal
- Natural sugars
- Vitamins A, D3, E, K3, B1, B2, B12
- Nicotinic acid
- Lime pantothenate
- Chlorine Chloride
- Manganese sulphate
- Copper sulphate
- Zinc oxide
- Potassium iodide
- Sodium Sodium
- Cobalt sulfate
- Methionine and lysine.
- After the flight: take two measures (30 grams) of Bipal Recuperator per kilo of mixture and mix very well with a soup spoon of oil so that the mixture is adhered.
- 700 gr pot

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