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AcidCare 100 ml (acidificante, antibacteriano y antifúngico)

AcidCare Avianvet 100 ml AvianVet

AcidCare 100 ml (acidificante, antibacteriano y antifúngico)
AcidCare 100 ml (acidificante, antibacteriano y antifúngico)
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Acidcare Avianvet is a novel product with multiple properties for birds that is administered in drinking water. An all-in-one product that acts as an acidifier, antibacterial and antifungal, immune system stimulant, detoxifier and liver protector and has a great effectiveness against coccidiosis in birds.

Acidcare Avianvet contains short and medium chain fatty acids such as citric acid, lactic acid and salts of formic, propionic and butyric acid with a great antimicrobial effect. Acidification of the digestive tract of birds increases the action of digestive enzymes and therefore the digestion of food, increases the absorption of nutrients and decreases the onset of diarrhea and the onset of pathogens. In addition, organic acids favor the growth of the intestinal villi increasing its protection and improving the absorption of nutrients.

Acidcare Avianvet contains a complex blend of essential oils from vegetables that strengthen the synergistic effect of acids, increase the secretion of digestive enzymes, have a marked antimicrobial effect against bacteria, fungi and parasites, stimulate the immune system of the birds and exert An extraordinary antioxidant function.

Aviannes Acidcare contains Betaine. Betaine is a derivative of glycine that is involved in the synthesis of creatine, carnitine, adrenaline, amino acids, etc .; Betaine supplementation imbues the availability of methionine and choline for the organic functions of birds. In addition, betaine, helps osmoregulation in situations of heat stress by high temperatures; It protects the intestinal mucosa, favors the action of coccidiostats and attenuates the osmotic imbalance produced, stimulates the intestinal immune system and improves the performance of birds affected by digestive coccidiosis.

Method of use and dosage: Use 0,5-1 ml per liter of continuous drinking water. During periods of illness, after antibiotic treatments or periods of stress use at doses of 1 ml per liter for 10-15 days. It can be used the first days of life of the chicks as a growth promoter.

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