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kiki max menu periquitos

kiki max menu periquitos Food for exotic

kiki max menu periquitos
kiki max menu periquitos
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Food for budgies Kiki Max with added vitamins Menu granules. Complete food for small parrots formulated based on a selection of the best seeds enriched with minerals. Product presented in a package of five hundred grams very compact and easy to carry. Packaged in a controlled atmosphere that helps preserve freshness and maximize the flavor.
Prepared by a team of nutrition include veterinarians and ornithologists. Contains yellow millet, red millet, white millet, canary seed, oat, safflower, added vitamins and negrillo granules. All ingredients are natural and of high quality. This food gives parakeets lots of fiber and low in fat. It is especially suitable for adult specimens in breeding season. Easy to ingest particles by animals.
The top zipper creates a modified atmosphere after opening the product and ensures durability. This food for parakeets can be used as staple food whenever conveniently supplemented with fresh fruits and vegetables. It is also appropriate to offer the birds occasionally snacks and treats. Product manufactured by Kiki, founded in 1965 and is in charge of GZM. After years of progress and innovation has become one of the most advanced plants of global production. Kiki is characterized by creating completely natural, fresh and extent of any products.
Food Parakeets Kikila daily amount of food for a parakeet are two tablespoons of coffee. The ratio may vary depending on the age and health status of the animal. It is important to control weight limit intake if the budgie is exceeded. Preventing obesity can be a very important factor in determining the longevity of the pet factor.
Manufacturer: Kiki.
Format: 500 grams.
Recommended daily allowance: Five to seven grams.
Composition: birdseed, oats, elm, millet and other grains.
Advantages: High quality at the best price.

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