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Prestige Tropical Finches Comida Para Pájaros Exóticos

Prestige Tropical Finches Comida Para Pájaros Exóticos Food for exotic

Prestige Tropical Finches Comida Para Pájaros Exóticos
Prestige Tropical Finches Comida Para Pájaros Exóticos
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  • Brands Versele-Laga
  • Model 331
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Food for exotic birds that has a diversified mixture of 100% natural and high quality seeds. This combination is perfect for meeting the basic needs of your exotic birds.

Food for exotic birds such as finches, keep in mind that you should always leave food and fresh water available for your bird.

Versele Laga Premium foods are composed of a mixture of seeds that have been selected by nutritionists and veterinarians who bring together a wide variety formulating a recipe rich in vitamins, amino acids and minerals, specific for exotic birds, providing omega 3 fatty acids, as well as pieces of oyster shells that balance the content of calcium and phosphorus.

Benefits of Versele Laga Food for Tropical Birds

Provides good condition and shiny feathers

Benefited with a varied mix of millet and seeds

High content in vitamins, amino acids, minerals and omega 3 fatty acids

Perfect for Zebra Finches, Gouldian Finches and Estrildid Finches

Its formulation has been developed with the help of breeders and veterinarians

Packaging format is 800kg

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