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Seribaño 150 ml.

Seribaño 150 ml.
Seribaño 150 ml.
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Birds need to bathe and do also with real satisfaction , but it is necessary that the bath water is clean and everything is well maintained at all times and must not become a suspension of microbes and parasites.
SERIBAÑO , is an antiseptic product with a repulsive effect on parasites and remarkable cleaning action on the plumage , which gives a superb shine and splendor , doing beautifully highlight the colors of it.
Other cleaning and hygiene LATAC are:
- SERISEPT . Antiseptic solution for the treatment of wounds , ulcers , abscesses , etc. .
- INSECTORNIS . Cleaning cages, nests and equipment
- TETRASEPTOL . Antiseptic and local material , which completely disinfected .
Essential in all cases of microbial epidemics.
DOSAGE AND DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Add about 20 drops of SERIBAÑO 100 ml water bath ( roughly equivalent to the contents of a classical bath), and a cap of 150 ml bottle . (herd size ) equivalent to 9 ml . in one liter of water.
COMPOSITION : Laurel- ether sulphate 27 % 1.8 ml; Essences and excipients qs 100 ml .
TARGET SPECIES : Canarios and ornamental birds in general.
PRESENTATION: Bottles of 15 ml for breeders

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