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Seripatic-P (Excelente protector hepático y preventivo del Punto Negro)

Seripatic | Previene la aparición del Punto Negro Latac

Seripatic-P (Excelente protector hepático y preventivo del Punto Negro)
Seripatic-P (Excelente protector hepático y preventivo del Punto Negro)
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SERIPATIC powder is a food supplement based on natural plant extracts that works as a liver protector, immune stimulant and antioxidant, specially designed to prevent the appearance of all those pathologies that cause inflammation of the liver, gallbladder and in general of the gastrointestinal tract.

those pathologies that cause inflammation of the liver, the gall bladder and in general of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as the prevention of the

as well as the prevention of blackhead disease.

The products of the SERIPATIC line are a valuable ally in the prevention and treatment of blackhead disease, a dreaded pathology that causes inflammation of the liver, gallbladder and the gastrointestinal tract in general.

black spot disease, a dreaded pathology that manifests itself in the form of necrosis and darkening of the liver in canaries and other birds, causing

and other birds, causing damage and death of newly hatched chicks by different pathogens such as viruses, parasites, bacteria and fungi,

parasites, bacteria and fungi.

SERIPATIC Powder includes in its formula propolis and plant extracts with different beneficial properties.

- Propolis is rich in bioflavonoids and essential oils, besides containing trace elements, vitamins and amino acids.

cides. Thanks to its antibiotic and antiseptic action, it protects against the activity of viruses and bacteria;

- Milk thistle: with detoxifying and liver protective capacity, it contributes to purify the liver, to regenerate its cells, and also facilitates the normal

its cells, also facilitating the normal functioning of the gallbladder and digestive system.

- Dandelion: acts as a cholagogue (induces the synthesis of bile salts) and choleretic (promotes their expulsion) providing support in the detoxifying action.

- Eleutherococcus: increases resistance to diseases thanks to its restituting and anti-infectious properties. Antibacterial and antiviral, Eleutherococcus is effective in reducing the number, severity and duration of infections.

- Boswellia is considered a very powerful natural anti-inflammatory. The anti-inflammatory activity of the boswellic acids contained in Boswellia

contained in Boswellia, are also beneficial to control some forms of pathology in charge of the gastrointestinal tract.

gastrointestinal tract.


Decorative birds in general (canaries, jilqueros, linnets, nymphs, lovebirds, parrots, etc.).


- Excellent hepatic protector, prevents diseases that cause inflammation of the liver and gallbladder.

- Preventive and coadjuvant treatment of blackhead disease. Helps to prevent its appearance during the breeding season.

- Prevention of digestive system infections.

- Stimulates the immune system of birds.


Mix 25 grams per kg of paste or feed.

It can be used together with antibiotic and antiparasitic treatments.

As a liver protector, administer every time it is necessary until the birds recover.

To prevent black spot disease, administer daily to adults from a few weeks before laying and until the chicks eat.

and until the chicks eat by themselves. 

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