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Protector Hepático Legazin Cardo Mariano y Alcachofa

Protector Hepático Legazin Cardo Mariano y Alcachofa Legazin
Protector Hepático Legazin Cardo Mariano y Alcachofa
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Liver protector . Artichoke Thistle 
Liver function optimizes / regenerator and fortifying
Target species : Goldfinches , canaries, exotic , psittacines , etc.
Ingredients : Concentrated Milk Thistle and Artichoke
Directions: Manage all year , especially in critical periods and stress. Mainly to counteract the effects of drugs and decundarios pigmenting .
Dosage: 20-40 grams per kilo of pasta, according to your needs and health status of the bird.
Milk thistle has a high concentration of silymarin , a substance that facilitates the secretion of bile and prevents unnecessary absorption of toxins. Our liver protector of our birds , optimizing the significant strengthening liver function and your overall health.

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