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Phito Lovil 100 ml | Hepato protector

Phito Lovil 100 ml | Hepato protector Protectores hepáticos

Phito Lovil 100 ml | Hepato protector
Phito Lovil 100 ml | Hepato protector
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All-natural protective hepato (composed of 17 plants).


The liver intervenes in more than 300 functions of the organism. Among all these functions one of the most important is the production of energy in addition to protein synthesis, intervention in the metabolism of fats through bile secreted by the gallbladder, but also detoxification and elimination of waste products of metabolism.

Indications: To improve the liver's own performance, increase the regenerative capacity of damaged liver cells and facilitate digestion by stimulating bile secretion.

Laboratory and field tests carried out in Asia, England and some also in Austria have confirmed the extraordinary efficacy of this plant mixture. PHITO LOVIL LIQUID acts in all cases such as:

- Lack of appetite

- Inadequate utilization of food

- Poor growth or reduced weight gain

- Reductions in production (caused by liver problems or of unknown nature).

- Accompanied by any treatment to avoid damage to the liver caused by medications.

The most important factor in the occurrence of liver problems is the productive performance itself.


Instructions for use:

Administer at the dose of 2-3ml /1liter of water. The duration of treatment should be at least 7 days.

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