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Probiotico (Disfa)

Probiotico (Disfa) Otros
Probiotico (Disfa)
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probiotic 375 gr - intestinal flora

It forming dewatering concentrated live lactic acid bacteria, is used to regenerate the intestinal flora maintaining a very effective optimum balance after antibiotic treatment and after vaccinations, stimulates the immune system contributing to disease prevention.
Once ingested, the bacteria become active metabolically very quickly once it reaches the small intestine. Furthermore it multiplies rapidly (only 19 minutes twice their number). So it adapts an unbeatable way to intestinal environment develops lactic flora and stabilizes the balance of microflora in a more acidic and favorable environment, which limits the development of harmful bacteria like Escherichina coli or Salmonella Clostidia.
Form defencivas substances such as lactic acid, fatty acid, short chain and bacteriocitas, which prevent the multiplication and the accession of other pathogenic microorganisms including integer, in cases of impaired intestinal eubiosis (due to the presence of diseases, stress or treatment with anti-infective agents such as antibiotics), helping to restore the physiological conditions and create a healthy microflora in the gut.
     Prevention of digestive processes:
  • Newborn birds
  • Nutritional stress situations (ration changes, changing environments, before and after breeding).


     Sole or adjunctive therapy in:
  • Digestion processes and its complications (bloating, diarrhea, constipation, etc ...)
  • Convalescence. (after the use of antibiotics)
  • Food supplement for improving the utilization of food and physical condition of birds naturally.
Dose: 30 g. / Kg pulp
Presentation: 375 gr and 750 gr

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