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Pineta Mask Factor 250 grs

Pineta Mask Factor 250 grs Bird coloring

Pineta Mask Factor 250 grs
Pineta Mask Factor 250 grs
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Pineta Mask Factor is a pigmenting agent based on natural substances such as lutein and safflower flowers, essential to obtain an intense and natural colouring of the plumage.

Its particular composition favours the correct pigmentation and brightness of restricted areas such as, for example, the masks of goldfinches, the head, the chin and the forehead of sizerine linnets.

Pineta mask suitable factor for moulting in birds

The moulting of bird feathers is a process by which the bird sheds those that have deteriorated and replaces them with others that will give it greater protection and beauty.

We can distinguish between two different types of feather change: normal or physiological moult and abnormal or pathological moult.

The former usually lasts between 25 and 40 days.

It is worth noting that birds that moult in less time are also very likely to be in good health.

The so-called normal moult occurs in a staggered manner, coinciding with the warmer months.

Abnormal or pathological moulting can occur in almost any season and much more abruptly.

This second type of moult is almost always accompanied by a loss of appetite, a general state of despondency, a decrease in singing, etc.

The causes should be sought in a deficient diet, inadequate cage situation, sudden temperature variation and other causes that can be a cause of acute stress.

When moulting occurs, certain precautions should be taken, for example the administration of vitamins (A, D and C are the most appropriate).

Protein can be provided with boiled egg yolk or meat meal.

Vegetable fats can be provided by increasing the proportion of linseed, hempseed or hempseed meal.

Some breeders prefer to place a small piece of bacon - naturally unsalted and unsmoked - in the cage, and this has been shown to be very effective.

The addition of fat has been proven to accelerate the moulting process.

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