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Mezcla Colorante StrongCages

Mezcla Colorante StrongCages  Bird coloring

Mezcla Colorante StrongCages
Mezcla Colorante StrongCages

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This mixture of dyes ensures optimal pigmentation for our red-billed birds
Cantaxantina: it is very red and very powerful pigmenting, and of rapid assimilation it is hydrosoluble, bone can be diluted in water but it is usually used mixed with the breeding paste. And it gives an intense red.
Carofil: it is practically the same as canthaxanthin, the main difference is that due to its molecular structure it is a slower assimilation bone, the advantage is that if one day you do not provide the pasta to your birds, the carofil continues to assimilate it.
Beta-carotene: it is of a dark orange color, it is also water-soluble, it does not have a high degree of pigmentation, however it provides a lot of brightness to the pen, logically it will be necessary to use it mixed with one of the previous ones.
Use between 5 and 10 g per kilo of pasta according to the preference in the intensity of the pigmentation.
When to pigment the Color Canaries?

We will pigment the intense and snow-covered canaries from the nest and the mosaics from approximately 45 days of life.
The intense and snowy must have pigmented rowers feathers and wheelhouses for the competitions instead the mosaics do not.
In the breeding of intense red canaries and snowy white wings, we will pigment following the patterns of the mosaics.
According to the criterion of some breeders of intense red and snow canaries they recommend pigmenting from pigment before the chicken is born, since the pigmentation of the parents can influence the offspring.

Includes dosing spoon.

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