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Can-tax Red Intensive 500g

Can-tax Red Intensive 500g Bird coloring
Can-tax Red Intensive 500g
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Based red dye canthaxanthin.
It provides color to your red canaries
Intensifies the red color in other birds
Ensures consistent color
Given that the feathers are composed of dead cells , but operate their color at the time of its formation. The plumage half is renewed once a year . This process does not develop at once . The fall of the old feathers is stimulated by the formation of new and this gradually , so that the bird always keeps a full plumage. When CAN -TAX is added to food, canthaxanthin is brought to the area in which it operates and ensures a deep red color. Beta -apo -8 - carotenal allows better absorption of canthaxanthin . The feather formed retains its color until the next molt.
Instructions: A level scoop (5g ) per 500 g of egg pasta or a measure for 1 l . drink warm water .

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