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Serimuda Latac (Vitaminas y Aminoacidos para una correcta muda)

Serimuda Latac

Serimuda Latac (Vitaminas y Aminoacidos para una correcta muda)
Serimuda Latac (Vitaminas y Aminoacidos para una correcta muda)
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Tags: Serimuda , Latac
SERIMUDA provides the required amounts of amino acids and vitamins necessary to ensure correct renewal plumage , both silent and normal or abnormal heavy , and also in the process of feathering of the offspring.
How to use : It is administered in drinking water and in the following doses : in normal silent , 8 drops per drinker ( 40 ml ) and 8 ml larger quantities . per liter of drinking water throughout the move ; abnormal or severe silent , drinking 16 drops per 40 ml or 16 ml . per liter of drinking water.
The treated drinking water should be prepared every day .
Target species : Canarios , pigeons and ornamental birds in general.
Composition: Methionine 2.5 g , 5 g Betaine , Choline chloride 6.5 g , 0.2 g potassium iodide , 0.05 g Vit E , Vit . 0.02 gr B1 , Vit . 0.06 gr B2 , Vit . B6 0.03 g , 1.5 g Nicotinamide , calcium pantothenate 1g , 0.02 g Vit K3 .

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