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Trico-Stop 30 grs (Eliminates trichomonas in less than 3 hours)

Trico-Stop 30 grs (Eliminates trichomonas in less than 3 hours) Red Pigeon
Trico-Stop 30 grs (Eliminates trichomonas in less than 3 hours)
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The new Tricoli-Stop is a 100% natural product (it does not contain antibiotics), highly effective, scientifically developed for the treatment and prevention of trichomoniasis and e-coli.

- Removes 98% of trichomonas in less than 3 hours after application.
- Combat E-coli by eliminating it in a few hours.
- Thanks to its unique composition, it recovers the body very quickly.
- It purifies and relieves the liver.
- It only contains 100% natural substances and vitamins, it does not contain antibiotics.
- It has no side effects.

- Tricoli-Stop is given mixed with food.
- Dosage: 4 g of product per 0.5 kg of food.
- Moisten the grain with Pyreme Vitality Omega 3.
- Add 8 gr of product and stir well. You can sprinkle a couple of tablespoons of Multivitra.
- It is recommended to give Tricoli-Stop once a month

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