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Super Top Cría - Sustituto de antibiótico natural

Super Top Cría - Sustituto de antibiótico natural  Antiinfecciosos
Super Top Cría - Sustituto de antibiótico natural
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The best antibiotic substitute, completely natural, with more than 5 years of studies with 100% plants, naturally kills and repels bacteria such as megabacteria, colibacillosis, escherichia coli, salmonellosis, completely natural, and a revolution in the breeding and treatment of birds.

How do I use Ornizin Super Top Breeding?

As a preventive, it is recommended to use it continuously in order to avoid bacterial loads. If your intention is only to use it in the breeding period, you can do it the first 10 days of the pigeon's life and then during weaning.

Dosage: 12 g. at 15g per kilo of pasta or feed.

Packaging: 65 g. and 200g

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