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Juguete pesas con aros metacrilato

Juguete pesas con aros metacrilato
Juguete pesas con aros metacrilato
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The toy paw weights with methacrylate rings for parrots is a toy made of hard plastic. With a multicolor design, it has been painted with safe dyes and suitable for our pet.
It is a plastic central stick with two heptagonos to its sides. Inside this you will find different rings, which will move and move when our parrot manipulates his toy with his paw.
The use of leg toys is very beneficial. In this way they acquire greater dexterity and skill with their legs, in addition to which they force themselves to use their articulations and in this way they exercise them. He will also pick it up and manipulate with his beak: double benefit in a very simple toy.
Ideal for medium and large parrots: you-yous, caiques, eclectus, cockatoos, macaws, yaks and similar parrots in size.
Eye-catching multicolored design: red, blue, orange ..
12 cm wide, 3 cm high

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