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Super King

Food reinforcing ridge. Especially recommended to encourage and develop the singing canaries, finches and other songbirds.    In breeding season enhances the fertility of birds and reinforces the eggshell. During molting molting improves and provides higher brightness and beauty.    ..
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Especially suitable for European, American and wild fauna (goldfinch, linnet, greenfinch, bullfinch, spiny dog, black head, cardinal, xanthogastras, Bolivian blackbird, etc.) Recommended for use throughout the year in the breeding, moulting and maintenance of their birds.     The natural..
Ex Tax:3.77€
Mix made ??with high quality seeds especially for Goldfinch , which because of its high cost is not usually used in mixtures and common that make this product very appetizing, nutritious well selected .   Strengthens , strengthens and enhances the song , recovering if it has been lost. It is..
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The Super King Cake is made ??under strict control. This product is particularly suitable for canaries, wild birds, and other exotic birds in general.   The Biscuit Super King has all the conditions and requirements for a good natural feed . With his job completely cover all the nutritional ..
Ex Tax:4.00€
El Bizcocho Super King esta elaborado bajo un riguroso control. Este producto est especialmente indicado para canarios, pajaros silvestres, exoticos y otros pajaros en general. El Bizcocho Super King reune todas las condiciones y exigencias para una buena alimentacion natural. Con su empleo se c..
Ex Tax:35.41€
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