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KIKI Excellent papilla cría de Loros y Cotorras

KIKI Excellent papilla cría de Loros y Cotorras

KIKI Excellent papilla cría de Loros y Cotorras
KIKI Excellent papilla cría de Loros y Cotorras
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  • Brands KIKI
  • Model 3198
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This porridge for embuchar is a rich concentrate prepared in protein and other substances of high nutritional value and energy ensuring the smooth growth of chicks. It is ideal for artificial breeding chicks orphaned or abandoned. With the help of this porridge, we can get larger nestlings.
It is very easy to prepare and has great performance.
This porridge kiki Excellent for parrots is suitable for hand-rearing, it is prepared by adding boiling water. The proportions of mixture depend on the age of the chick. Use the table below to prepare the pasta. It is advisable to carefully measure the amounts in the early preparations.
Given the harmful bacteria that may contain tap water, it is advisable to boil the water before or to use bottled water.
Mix the dough vigorously. Let stand a minute. If properly prepared, it is just getting a thick porridge.
Cool the resulting slurry to 39 ° C. Before use, stir well again to prevent water and pasta separate.
Please note that the porridge has to be freshly prepared for each meal. It is therefore appropriate to prepare food in small quantities
21% Protein

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