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kiki pro - vital papilla para pichones

kiki pro - vital papilla para pichones Birds papilleras

kiki pro - vital papilla para pichones
kiki pro - vital papilla para pichones
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kiki pro - vital porridge for pigeons
With a 30% crude protein makes it an ideal embuchar the chicks mush. With the help of this porridge, we can get more chicks developed size and care for those who have been abandoned by parents.
Ingredients: cereals, vegetable by-products, eggs and egg products, vegetable oils and fats, fruits, poultry specific probiotic vitamins, minerals and amino acids (L-lysine, dimetionina, Tronina, alanine, histidine, isoleucine, leucine, phenylalanine , serine, valine, tryptophan, aspartic acid, glutamic acid, and glycine tiroxinasa).
Nutritional values (guaranteed to 1.000 gr):
     Vitamin A 6,500,000 IU
     10,000 IU vitamin D3
     Vitamin E 20.000 mg
     1,330 mg Vitamin K3
     672 mg Vitamin B1
     Vitamin B3 1,740 mg
     700 mg vitamin B6
     B12 3.300 mg
     Vitamin C 17.000 mg
     Vitamin H 100 mg
     Folic acid 70 mg
     3,400 mg calcium pantothenate
     10,870 mg Niacinamide
     Manganese 1,255 mg
     Zinc 1,274 mg
     Iron 3.200 mg
     250 mg copper
     Cobalt 40 mg
     101 mg iodine
     Sodium 375 mg
     3,500 mg Phosphorus
Directions: Mix with warm water at a rate of 2 parts water and one of mush, let stand 5 minutes until completely homogenized. Supplying adequate syringe boot stage. If thicker want to add one more part of porridge respecting timeouts until homogenise.
250 gr

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