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Jeringa para embuchar con sonda de plástico

Jeringa para embuchar con sonda de plástico

Jeringa para embuchar con sonda de plástico
Jeringa para embuchar con sonda de plástico
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Stuffing syringe with plastic probe

Syringe feeding is a common practice among breeders.

It usually begins when the chicks are removed from the parents, approximately 20 days old, until weaning.

It is necessary to learn the technique well before putting it into practice, or you will run the risk of losing chicks by giving them little food or by aspiration and subsequent lung infection.

Stuffing or soaking syringes consist of two parts, a plunger and a tube.

It also includes a small latex tube, which allows quick feeding, preventing the chicken from getting dirty with leftover porridge.

These syringes with natural latex probes are ideal for administering porridge to parrots such as lovebirds, parrots, parrots, macaws, nymphs, etc ... of young age.

As it is a flexible tube, it can be inserted inside the beak and directed towards the crop without risk of damaging the chicken's esophagus during the intake of porridge.

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