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Pro.Complete Preparación PreCria 4kg (Sin Dore)

Pro.Complete Preparación PreCria 4kg (Sin Dore) Food for canaries

Pro.Complete Preparación PreCria 4kg (Sin Dore)
Pro.Complete Preparación PreCria 4kg (Sin Dore)
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Pro.Complete PreCria Preparation 4kg (Without Dore)

Complete Feed Preparation for Breeding

I think complete semi-morbid ready to use specific for the preparation of the reproductive season of canaries and other finches. It helps to improve the fertility of the females, reduces the problems that cause clear eggs and embryonic abortion.

It allows avoiding the use of seed mixtures, potential sources of microbiological contamination.

Contains vitamins, amino acids, mineral salts and probiotics to meet the specific nutritional needs of the period of preparation for reproduction; F.O.S., substances that promote the balance of the intestinal bacterial flora; silymarin that supports the functionality of the liver and oregano extract that supports the immune system. It does not give doré.

Job. Preparation for breeding: supply as exclusive food. Males: 60/80 days Females: 15/30 days before the formation of the pair / mating. Dosage: freely available in the feeder.

Additional information:

WE RECOMMEND its use during the preparation phase for the breeding season, to guarantee a complete and balanced diet, it provides all the necessary nutritional elements to face a successful preparation for breeding.

Adding vitamins is not recommended.

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