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Limpiador Desinfectante para jaulas de aves

Limpiador Desinfectante para jaulas de aves Bird Health
Limpiador Desinfectante para jaulas de aves
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Disinfectant for direct use for application in bird cages. With this product you will achieve an optimal and comfortable hygiene of the cage of your birds, improving at the same time your health by reducing the possibility of reinfestations of internal parasites or bacterial infections.
Its special formula is designed to fight all types of viruses, bacteria and fungi leaving the cages completely disinfected and clean. In addition, it is a very safe product, thanks to the quaternary ammonium that it includes in its formula, and of simple application. Presents an atomizer that allows you access to areas of difficult access such as logs, perches, etc.
Remember that this product is for environmental use, it should not be applied in the presence of animals.
Water, alcohol, glycol, non-ionic surfactants, disinfectant, perfume and excipients.
Instructions for use:
Spray the pure product on the area to be cleaned about 20 cm away, rub with a rag or cloth and let it dry.
Never apply on the animal or near the animals.
This is another product of the Menforsan line of laboratories Bilper S.A., Quality guaranteed
750 ML

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