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Calcio Natural Canaluz G-02 (amarillo)

Calcio Natural Canaluz G-02   (amarillo) Cales - Mineral Grit
Calcio Natural Canaluz G-02 (amarillo)
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  • Brands Canaluz
  • Model 1156

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Natural calcium channel G-02 completely natural product, without additives, nor chemical.
Especially for birds.
The G-02, is a medium grain, created especially for your birds to have at their disposal all year, indispensable in breeding time for females (egg formation) is an acidic controller, great for the moulting process , Introduction of chicks to the seed and exchange of seed to feed or vice versa.
This calcium, is the fruit of several years of work and research with great breeders. It is a unique product in the market, with an unsurpassed quality. Unique in porosity, for total absorption. No preservatives or chemicals, as it comes from natural limestone.
Unlike others, it does not contain marmolinas, which does not assimilate the bird and cheap the product.
Neither does it contain ground shell, which the bird does not digest and produces small cuts in the throat.

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