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Supplementary feed for canaries. Preparation tested and used with great success for hand rearing and refeeding canaries.The product is supplied with a feeding syringe and a measuring spoon.Feeding recommendation:Mix in a ratio of 1 : 3 with lukewarm water to form a paste. This should preferably be f..
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Quiko Hand-Formula is a nutritious diet for hand feeding of baby birds. This mixture is produced in a special processing process that results in an instantly soluble product with the so important, correct bacteria level for the young bird.The high nutritional value of Quiko Hand-Formula promotes the..
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CASEINE PINETA is a high quality protein concentrate to increase the protein content of the diet.Casein pineta is indicated for the preparation of breeding, breeding and moulting specimens in large specimens.Caseine pineta favors a greater growth of the chicks.Casein is an enhancer for the creation ..
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Quiko Avisanol Calcium Concentrate ensures the calcium requirement, leads to better egg shell formation and improved plumage (feather plucking). Indispensable for chick rearing and poultry farming.Feeding recommendation:Drinking water:1 teaspoon = 5 ml Avisanol per 1 litre of drinking water,1 tables..
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Quiko Birdol : Against itchingBath additive with eucalyptus and glycerine.Supports the respiratory system and mucous membranes. Due to its special composition,Quiko® Birdol is the ideal complement to the bath water, ensuring a healthy, soft and shiny plumage,soft and shiny plumage.250 ml..
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Ropa-B Feeding Oil 2% (prevención infecciones por bacterias y hongos)
-20 %
Clothing-B Feeding Oil 2%, a 100% natural essence based oregano 2% with many beneficial properties for pigeons and birds INDICATIONS: - Helps digestion - Very good for growing nestlings; It stimulates your appetite and strengthens defenses - Improves nutrient absorption - Stimulates int..
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Ropa-B Powder (polvo orégano 10 %)
-20 %
Preserve your bird from bacterial and fungal infections naturally.   CLOTHING -B Power is a complementary food for birds , dust concentration oregano is 10% . This feature makes it a unique and original product.   This product is made of oregano oil is extracted from the oregano plan..
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