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Super King Fauna Europea e Indigena 1 kg

Super King Fauna Europea e Indigena 1 kg Morbid pasta

Super King Fauna Europea e Indigena 1 kg
Super King Fauna Europea e Indigena 1 kg
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Especially suitable for European, American and wild fauna (goldfinch, linnet, greenfinch, bullfinch, spiny dog, black head, cardinal, xanthogastras, Bolivian blackbird, etc.) Recommended for use throughout the year in the breeding, moulting and maintenance of their birds.
The natural ingredients added and differentiating that incorporates SK FAUNA sponge cake, such as milled milk thistle, dandelion and beautiful at night, provide: OMEGA 3 and 6 essential acids, natural antioxidants, cleansing and hepatoprotective properties, and folic acid, which will help to the birds to repair liver cells, to continuously maintain health and energy without side effects and transforming proteins, fats and sugars so that it can be used by their organs and tissues, protecting future chicks from possible malformations. It helps to heal skin conditions such as wounds and sores.
The ingredients and composition of SK fauna, make this the ideal sponge for the breeding and maintenance of all species of spinus and carduelis, covering the food requirements that these species require. Sk fauna has been developed following the advice of breeders of European and American fauna, endorsed for decades to the care of these species.
Format of 1 kg.
Dry crustaceans
Bella by Night
Milk thistle
Humidity 11%
Crude protein 16%
Crude fats 12.39%
Gross cellulose 1.7%
Crude ashes 3.2%
Phosphorus 0.58%
Vitamin A 24,000 units / Kg
Vitamin C 36 mg / kg
Vitamin B 12 0.012 mg / kg
Vitamin D3 3.000 pcs Kg
Vitamin E 10 mg / kg
Vitamin K 20 mg / kg
Vitamin B3 57 mg / kg
Folic acid 1 mg / kg
Pantothenic acid 12 mg / kg
Thiamine 3.5mg / kg
Riboflavin 6 mg / kg
Pyridoxine 3 mg / kg
Lysine 0.01%
0.1% methiotine
Starch 27.4%
Sucrose 28.2%
Calcium 0.36%
Sodium 0.25%

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