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Pasta de cria Superking Roja

Pasta de cria Superking Roja Morbid pasta

Pasta de cria Superking Roja
Pasta de cria Superking Roja
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The Super King Cake is made ??under strict control. This product is particularly suitable for canaries, wild birds, and other exotic birds in general.
The Biscuit Super King has all the conditions and requirements for a good natural feed . With his job completely cover all the nutritional needs of calves , chicks and adults , obtaining good healthy and vigorous specimens that caused the admiration of all the supporters and breeders.
In his elaboration involved Vitaminics nutritious ingredients that provide the necessary elements for birds vigor and beauty in the colorful plumage.
Throughout the year and especially during apareamienti indispensable molting season . Bizcocheras 1 to 2 per day . Intended for all ages especially young.
In summer should be stored in cool or cold storage , for conditioning moist and tender on state
Super Pet Alfalfa King and Group for a healthy and strong birds
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