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Versele Laga - Oropharma

Special blend of vitamins , amino acids and trace elements, with high grades in sulfur amino acids and biotin.   - Encourage the development and condition of the feathers. - Strengthens the plumage and protects the liver - Ensures optimal metabolism . - Helps prevent moulting cau..
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Balanced mixture of vitamins , amino acids and trace elements, rich in vitamin E.   - In preparation for breeding. - For the singing canaries and wild . - If posture problems or fertility or death in the egg. - Stimulates sexual ardor and promotes fertility.     During br..
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Combination of probiotics and digestive enzymes. Flora active crop and intestine and increases the benign intestinal flora It allows for better digestion of food Promotes the initial phase of the flora of the gut and intestine of newborn babies. PROBI - ZYME contains probio..
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Balanced mixture of vitamins , amino acids and trace elements. - For an optimal condition - For best results in breeding - For optimal development of the offspring - In case of weakness or stress. - In market decreased immunity caused by infections .   Vitamins , amino ac..
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Balanced mixture of amino acids, vitamins , minerals , trace elements, Florastimul and L - carnitine. For an excellent optimal growth and skeletal development. For a good formation of the eggshell . For perfect skin structure and plumage . For health and improved productivi..
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Water soluble calcium source For a good formation of the eggshell. For good skeletal development of offspring. During the breeding to prevent awkward postures . If calcium deficiency tetany or caused by a disorder of calcium metabolism. Calcium is an essential element..
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Product Overview   Oropharma No-Pick is a Bitterspray against feather pecking. This product protects young people growing up in feather plucking parental and helps prevent feather picking and self-mutilation. Their birds pecking can have many causes. But we can make a clear distinction between f..
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A liver tonic with a positive influence on the molt .   Optimal growth , pigmentation and an optimal development of the feathers of the chicks and new feathers during molting   Better elimination of waste of color pigments and medicines .   In offspring whose body is in full ..
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Versele-Laga Oropharma B-Pure brewers yeast dehydrated and enriched with vitamins   INDICATIONS:   - Dry beer yeast enriched with vitamins.   - Increase physical condition   - Encourages the growth of young people   - Rich in essential amino acids, vtamines of..
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Intestinal based fructooligosacáridos conditioning . Prevent adhesion of pathogenic bacteria in the gut It improves stool consistency and promotes hygiene in nests In the digestive tract of birds bacteria are essential for proper digestion . These good bacteria predominate in hea..
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