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Comed - Jané

Appetose provides a better appetite.During breeding, especially after weaning when the young have to develop their own immune system. In this delicate period, a good appetite is of utmost importance.During races, a fit pigeon can sometimes eat less. When it is ensured that such pigeons conti..
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Comed Avisan 150ml, (strengthens the immune system and increases resistance)INDICATIONS:- 100% natural product- Strengthens the immune system, reducing the risk of infections- Improves stamina- Keeps your birds in top shape during competitions and exhibitionsHOW TO USE:- Dose: 1 teaspoon (= 5 ml) pe..
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Tonivit 250 ml (vitamins to use during the breeding season)Tonivit Bird contains vitamins ADC, these vitamins are important for the formation of the skeleton and for the resistance to infections of young birds.Ideal for periods of the year with less sunlight and more darkness.HOW TO USE:- During bre..
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Cometabol Comed - Purifies and improves the physical condition of your birds 250mlCometabol drain contains minerals and natural sporadic elements. Cometabol drain improves physical condition, because it maintains the balance of muscle nutrition and the function of the excretory organs.HOW TO USE:- B..
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Floracom plant extract is a performance-enhancing and health-preserving dietary supplement.Moreover Floracom is useful in many areas: It strengthens the intestinal flora, improves the resistance of the organism, supports the muscle function and the metabolism.The peculiarity of Floracom - plant extr..
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Ointment for squamous legs. If the birds suffer from scales on the legs. This makes it difficult for them cambinar and even peck. We recommend using ointment scaly legs.   Spread a thick layer of ointment on the scabs. Do not pull the scabs! Procesdimiento Repeat this until all the scabs hav..
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Stopmite COMED (Piojillo) 300 grsStopmite acts mainly in two ways to achieve a better cleaning of aviaries and lofts:1- The essential oils of Stopmite, mixed with the feed, are excreted through the skin, the respiratory tract and the excrement. The particular smell that the animals, their droppings ..
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Ultracom contains a mixture of 10 active components that we chose for:1. increase the resistance of the organism.2. support the defence system.3. cleanse the respiratory tract.4. support the respiratory system.5. to prevent fluid loss.6. to normalize the digestion.7. to promote the development of go..
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Comed Vitamin A.Vitamin A powder   Vitamin A powder specifically made for use in birds.Especially indicated to add in the canary paste of white recessive lipochrome and / or lutino birds.   Vitamin A helps the formation and maintenance of soft tissues and bones, mucous membranes and ..
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jane eat vitamin e 5%   Food supplement for all animals.   Use for deficiency of vitamin E   Dose: One teaspoon (5 grams) per kg of feed   Packaging: 250 gr..
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exhibi bird supplement for exhibition contests   Bird Eat exhibi is specially designed for the preparation of the birds before contests supplement. Exibi Bird provides the nutrients needed to allow birds to withstand the stress of transport, the excitement of competition and changes in diet...
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bird winmix multiple vitamins for metabolism   Winmix birds Bird gives all the vitamins and trace elements necessary for an active and harmonious life.   Contains essential for proper muscle proteins, which are essential also during the breeding period. Contains vegetab..
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Megabactin birds intestinal balance    Megabactin protector is an intestinal fluid excrement. Maintain intestinal balance bird, regulating intestinal transit. Ensures optimal pH value during digestion, coating the gut mucosa with a protective layer megabacteria. Contains probiotics..
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Cometaves Birds - Condition - position - Dominant (eat jane)   Cometaves Bird is a special product that provides all the elements necessary to achieve and maintain an optimal way for all kinds of birds (canaries, exotic citácidos). Bird Cometaves 32 consists of: vitamins, trace elements, soy..
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comin - cholin B complex bird Stress - metabolism - watch plumage   Bird Cholin Comin-B-Complex is a solution of amino acids, electrolytes, vitamins, glucose, methionine and choline. It strengthens and supports the metabolism of the bird in any stressful situation.   Particularly rec..
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Fertibo birds - calcium for bones and eggs   Bird Fertibol is a suspension based on calcium, phosphorus, and vitamins A, D and E required for the eggs are larger and have a perfect structure for hatching. Ideal for a solid formation and skeletal development in young birds.   Leaving ..
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Lysocur Forte is a health cure based on medicinal plant extracts that strengthens the immune system of birds, in addition to eliminating mucus and keeping the membranes in perfect condition.INDICATIONS:- Strengthens the immune system- Avoid the problem of watery eyes, liquefying mucus- Keeps the mem..
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Resilience travel - balance   Avicur Bird is a cure for health based on plant extracts that maintains the balance of the immune system of birds. It is essential for the shape of birds at the start of the championships and in case of a drop in form or after an illness.   Make a treatm..
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Comed Clean Oral is an innovative and durable solution for increasing resistance to pathogenic germs. Comed Clean Oral is a probiotic-based product that can be mixed with drinking water to preserve algae and bacterial pathogens. Thanks to the presence of probiotics, a healthy microflora is achieved,..
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Oil Cure    The oil is an oil cure health antiseptic composition that helps the immune system. Aroma active working to prevent disease. It is indispensable for the preparation of breeding and exhibition periods porr stress.   Give 5 ml (teaspoon full) per 250g of food...
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Oil Cure    The oil is an oil cure health antiseptic composition that helps the immune system. Aroma active working to prevent disease. It is indispensable for the preparation of breeding and exhibition periods porr stress.   Give 5 ml (teaspoon full) per 250g of food...
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Fertol Comed is a complementary food for birds based on a combination of vegetable oils, fish oil, Vitamin A, Vitamin D3 and Vitamin E, especially indicated for the preparation of the breeding and rearing season.Fertol Bird oil reproduction replaces Megabactol Bird during reproduction. Essential oil..
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Oil against stress - eat bird stressol Spain   This oil is adapted to the specific needs of birds in captivity. The product is based on a very careful selection of oils, recommended to combat the negative effects of stress championships and life in captivity. The birds are territorial and fi..
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Suskewiet for the song of the wild (great contributor in competitions) Powdered Suskewiet is a specialty that provides all the necessary elements to obtain and maintain an optimal shape for wild birds. The birds are activated and favor their desire to sing. Give a spoon of coffee (5gr) of ..
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Mucous Membranes Bird eat Roni Spain   Roni was developed to maintain a good condition of the mucous membranes of the beak, throat and digestive system. Inter alia, by applying a mucous film special carbon hydrates.   This combination stimulates the immune system and ensure..
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Transcutine is an ointment based on natural extracts that is applied to the legs of birds in such a way that they take on a beautiful pink color thanks to the powerful action of its components.How to use: Apply twice a week, especially during the championship period.Presentation: 60 grams..
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Garlic is considered one of the most important healing vegetables. It is effective as an antibiotic, fighting numerous fungi, bacteria and viruses, it is a general antiseptic. Stimulant of the defenses, vermufigo, callicida...etc.Nutrients and vitamins: Sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, ..
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