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Pienso Pineta Pro.Complete CRIA 9kg

Pienso Pineta Pro.Complete CRIA  9kg Food for canaries
Pienso Pineta Pro.Complete CRIA 9kg
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Pineta Pro.Complete 9kg feed

Complete feed for breeding.

20,00% Proteins, 10,00% Fats

Ready-to-use semi-morbid complete feed, specifically formulated for the nutritional needs of canary and other fringillid chicks from the first days of life until weaning.

Pro.Complete Breeding is a unique complete feed that avoids the use of seed mixtures, potential sources of microbiological contamination.

It promotes harmonious skeletal and physical development, helps to have chicks with good size, well-developed and homogeneous plumage.

Meets all the nutritional needs of the parents during the chick rearing period, helps to reduce pecking problems and abortions of the second and third clutches.

Contains vitamins, amino acids, mineral salts, probiotics, F.O.S., substances that promote the balance of the intestinal bacterial flora, silymarin that supports liver function and

oregano extract which supports the immune system. Does not affect the natural colour of the plumage. Avoid the use of vitamin supplements.

Composition: bakery and pasta products, oil seeds, oil fruits and their by-products, other seeds and fruits and their by-products (extr. silymarin), oils and fats, miscellaneous (extr. oregano), minerals, tubers, roots and their by-products (F.O.S.), yeasts. Technological additives: preservatives, antioxidants.

Organoleptic additives: flavourings.

Use and dose: administered as an exclusive feed, freely available in the feed trough from hatching to weaning.

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