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Breedmax white 500 grs
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Protein supplement , vitamins and minerals . No carotenoid.   Breedmax is a nutritional supplement created especially for white plumage . Its consumption noproduce doré effect . For tropical birds, ornamental birds singing and European exotic pigeons and canaries .   Provides excelle..
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Protein vitamins and minerals. Breedmax is a dietaryfor tropical birds, songbirds and European motif, exotic pigeons and canaries. It provides excellent growth and optimum health young birds. Breedmax improves breeding results and general condition of the birds that eat them.   Adm..
Ex Tax:8.14€
Breedmax white 500 grs (Nuevo envase)..
Ex Tax:13.59€
Protein, vitamin and mineral supplement. Without carotenoid.Breedmax is a nutritional supplement created especially for white plumage. Its consumption does not produce a doré effect. For tropical birds, European song and ornamental birds, exotic birds, pigeons and canaries.Provides excellent growth ..
Ex Tax:19.95€
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