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Escurridor Verduras Plástico para nuestro aviario 24 cm

Escurridor Verduras Plástico para nuestro aviario 24 cm Machinery Breeder

Escurridor Verduras Plástico para nuestro aviario 24 cm
Escurridor Verduras Plástico para nuestro aviario 24 cm
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Easy-to-clean plastic vegetable drainer, Ideal for draining all the vegetables that we need for our aviary as well as the germinated seeds, give them a rinse.

Made from non-toxic materials, the strainer is BPA-free for the health and safety of consumers entirely. The practical and ergonomic design of the colander makes cooking easier than ever, because the non-slip handles guarantee perfect stability.

Measurements: 24 cm in diameter x 10.5 cm in height

Traditional design, made of non-toxic and BPA-free materials, practical and ergonomic, makes cooking easier than ever, it has two handles to extend its comfort of use and prevent burns during use. It has a 24 cm diameter and a large draining capacity, it strains, drains and rinses a large amount of food.

Made of Polypropylene (PP5), this material is durable, resistant and free of BPA for health and safety and suitable for the dishwasher or hand washing to facilitate our work.

It has been specially designed to drain food quickly and safely, maintaining the traditional aesthetics for a lifetime. The holes are just the right size so that we can have a large evacuation flow without losing our food down the drain, it is fast and efficient.

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