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Nido York STA

Nido York STA

Nido York STA
Nido York STA
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The York Nest is a practical and solid nest holder, to place inside the cage, suitable for medium-sized canaries and finches since the basket has a diameter of 12 cm.

York Nest - Indoor nest for canaries and finches

The York Nest is made in Italy by the company STA Soluzioni and has been designed for the nesting and reproduction of all medium and large-sized canaries, such as the York Canary from which the nest takes its name.

For small birds, such as the classic colored canaries or finches such as the goldfinch and serinillo, we recommend a nest with a basket diameter of 10 cm, in this sense we recommend the Excelsior Nest and Portanido

The York Nest is an internal nest and must be fixed inside the cage by means of a special hook with which the nest itself is equipped and which guarantees a solid fixation.

Due to its shape and size, the York nest is also suitable for medium-sized finches that prefer to nest in a cup-shaped nest like the Bullfinch.

In this sense, the York nest basket has a diameter of 12 centimeters.

Tips for choosing the stuffing for the York nest

Given that the main characteristic of this nest is to present a nest of elongated dimensions and precisely about 12 cm, it is advisable to use a suitable bottom inside which the birds can build the nest with the material that is made available to them.

Regarding the choice of the pad, we recommend the 12cm ones and specifically you can choose between:

12cm wicker nest

12 cm coconut replacement

12 cm foam refill.

12 cm foam nest

As for the material that will make up the padding, it depends a lot on the type of bird.

In general, canaries prefer to use the classic jute or a mixture of jute and cotton as nest filling.

Finches, like bullfinches, prefer filler fibers that also have elements that can be reminiscent of materials found in nature. For this, we recommend the Animal-Vegetable mix, the Coco-Sisal-Jute-Cotton mix or the Coco-Sisal mix. - Meliga - Bract

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