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Ferti-Max - Suplemento para nuestras aves

Ferti-Max - Suplemento para nuestras aves Otros

Ferti-Max - Suplemento para nuestras aves
Ferti-Max - Suplemento para nuestras aves
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Complementary food for all ornamental birds (granivores, insectivores, pigeons) very similar to breedmax.

FERTI-MAX contains all the nutritional elements adapted to the daily needs of birds.


-Good condition and optimum fertility levels of adult birds.

-Increased energy intake and improvement of the general condition of the growing body and excellent health for young birds.

-Strengthens muscles and stimulates appetite.

-Supports metabolism and prevents weight gain.

-Against fatigue and tiredness caused by stress.


Easily digestible proteins

All essential amino acids: Lysine, Threonine, Methionine and Cysteine. Sulphur-containing amino acids play an important role in growth and feathering.

Nutraceuticals: such as L-carnitine. L-carnitine improves fat burning and increases the available energy needed for active birds and young growing birds.

Vitamins that optimally meet the daily needs of birds.

Minerals and trace elements such as easily absorbed calcium.


Crude protein 26.00% Crude protein 26.00% Crude fibre 2.30% Crude fibre

Crude fibre 2,30%.

Crude fats 3,90%

Crude ash 24,00% - Lysine 2,15% - Methionine

Lysine 2,15% - Methionine 1,08% - Calcium 5,00% - Sodium 1,65% - Phosphorus 0,65%.


BREEDING: carefully mix 5-10 g of FERTIMAX per 100 g of egg feed every day.

MAINTENANCE: 5 g of FERTIMAX per 100 g of feed once a week.

In its granular form, it can be mixed into a wet or dry paste to a breadcrumb consistency or sprinkled on a feed.

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