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vitakraft inseparables

vitakraft inseparables

vitakraft inseparables
vitakraft inseparables
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The Vitakraft is a special food for lovebirds or "inseparable" with ingredients from their place of origin, Africa. Developed by veterinary and scientific experts, they will taste totally crazy. 
Contains acacia flowers, dates, figs and corn color, that these birds are fed in the same way they would in their natural habitat. You can strengthen them through the following benefits: 
     Immunity. Beta-glucan reinforce the defenses of your birds 
     Strong bones. The balance of calcium and phosphorus supports a healthy bone structure. 
     Digestive. Promotes bowel function of your pets. 
     Contains no artificial colorings or flavorings. 
A so beautiful and intelligent as your lovebird birds deserve the best nutrition and will always be shiny and happy. 
Agaporni health depends largely on their diet. Ppción good to keep in good condition is to acquire and poultry feed Vitakrat and manage your diet, rather than only varied seeds. 
     Comprehensive food grains, fruits, seeds, flowers etc. 
     Includes calcium, phosphorous and many vitamins. 
     Food quality, very important to the health of lovebirds. 
     No artificial colorings or flavorings.

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