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KIKI Pasta de cría y mantenimiento seca al huevo 1 kg

KIKI Pasta de cría y mantenimiento seca al huevo 1 kg Dried pasta
KIKI Pasta de cría y mantenimiento seca al huevo 1 kg
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Pide por teléfono
95 513 24 03
Horario de Lunes a Viernes de 07:00 a 15:00
Breeding dry pasta with high protein (18.5%). Made with selected products to ensure nutritional intake and appetite bird cage. Prepared with fresh eggs for use in canaries, parakeets, parrots, exotic and all kinds of granivorous birds.
Ingredients: mealy, eggs and egg products egg, sugar, honey, hemp seeds, elm, oats, poppy, amino acids, yeast, proteic extracts, vitamins and minerals.
    18.5% crude protein
    Humidity 10%
    Crude fat 5.5%
    Crude fiber 4.2%
    Ashes 6.3%
    Calcium 14.1%
    Phosphorus 7.1%
Amino acid g / kg:
    Lysine 11.5
    Methionine 5
    methionine + cystine 8.9
    Threonine 7.5
    Tryptophan 2.4
    Arginine 8.3
Minerals and trace elements mg / kg:
    Iron 50
    Manganese 105
    Copper 20
    Zinc 67.5
    Iodine 7.7
    Cobalt 1.5
    Selenium 0.15
Vitamins added per mg / kg:
    32,000 IU vitamin A
    Vitamin D3 4,800 IU
    Vitamin E 45 mg
    5.6 mg vitamin K3
    Vitamin B1 3.7 mg
    15.2 mg Vitamin B2
    4 mg vitamin B6
    46 mg vitamin B12
    Vitamin C 800mg
    Biotin 104 mg
    400 mg choline
    1.6 mg folic acid
Formats: 1 kg

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