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Elisir Bianco Seca 1kg

Elisir Bianco Seca 1kg Dried pasta
Elisir Bianco Seca 1kg
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Dry White Pasta Supreme Quality ideal for breeding and weaning

It contains all the necessary nutrients to obtain the best results in breeding and meets all the nutritional needs of young individuals for rapid balanced growth. It has a protein content based on a high quality concentrate of amino acids of plant and animal origin. what is easily assimilable and digestible, which is free of dyes or ingredients that can change the natural color of the plumage.

Recommended Use: Ideal for breeding and weaning, for maintenance put 2 to 3 times a week slightly moistened, you can also add soft-boiled eggs, germinated seeds, germinated substitute and grated apple can be added freely.

Protein 19.00%

Fats 3.00%

Ingredients: bakery products, cereals, vegetable protein extract, sugar, fruits, oils and fats, minerals.

Nutritional value per kg:

Vitamin A / Vitamin A 3900 I.U.

Vitamin D3 / 2 vitamin D3, 00 I.U.

Vitamins E / Vitamin E 25mg

Vitamin K / Vitamin C 25mg

Vitamin B2 / Vitamin B2 5m 2g

Vitamin PP / PP 6 0.50 mg vitamin

Calcium D- pants. Pantothenate / D- Calcium mg 50

Vitamin B6 / Vitamin B6 4.10mg

Vitamin H / H 0.10 mg of vitamin

Vitamin B1 / 3mg Vitamin B1

Folic Acid / Folic Acid 1.1 mg

Aspartic acid / aspartic acid 3434 mg

Glutammic Acid / Glutamic Acid 2661 mg

Leucine / Leucine 7410mg

Lysine / Lysine 5930mg

Threonine / Threonine 3951 mg

Isoleucine / Isoleucine 5335mg

Valine / external 6 00 m g

Phenylanine / phenylalanine 4740 mg

Tyrosine / tyrosine 3210 mg

Arginine / Arginine 7410mg

Cystine / Cystine 1480mg

Glycine / Glycine 0.335 5 m g

Tryptophan / 1, 0.280 m g Tryptophan

Istidine / HISTIDINE 0.470 m 2 g

Serine / Serine 2970 mg

Proline / Proline 8 0.819 mg

Methionine / Methionine 2300mg

Iron / Iron 8.26 mg

Rame / Copper 5.29 mg

ZINCO / Zinc 5 mg

Manganese / Manganese 3mg

Cobalt / Cobalt 2.16mg

Iodium / Iodine 0.5 mg

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