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Witte molen Pasta de cria al huevo 10 kg

Witte molen Pasta de cria al huevo 10 kg Morbid pasta
Witte molen Pasta de cria al huevo 10 kg
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  • Brands Witte Molen
  • Model 852
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Pasta with egg breeding
Semihumid complementary food (morbid) for all types of birds eating seeds. Your acceptance level is high, the bird immediately assimilated. It contains all the ingredients you need young and adult birds during molting, breeding and resting. It contains the exact proportions in protein, vitamins, minerals and all essential amino acids and sebacic acids.
Composed of products easy to digest egg, baked goods, grains and various seeds. The ingredients are of high quality which gives you the guarantee of optimal care for their birds. Ready to use.
How to use:
     During the moulting period: 25% of daily food needs
     During the breeding period: Minimum 25% of daily food needs
     During the rest period: 3 times a week 25% of the daily nutritional needs
You can also supplement breeding adding pasta to taste apple or carrot scraped, fruit juice or sprouted seeds.
Composition: bakery products, eggs and egg products, grains, seeds, syrup, sugar, minerals, yeast, oil and grease.
Crude protein 10.7%
Crude fat 9.6%
Crude ash 2.3%
Crude fiber 0.6%
Moisture 8.9%
Vit. A 20,000 IU / kg
Vit. D3 200 IU / kg
Vit. E 300 IU / kg
Vit. C 750 mg / kg
Bags of 10 kgs

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