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Pasta amarilla mórbida Orlux Gold Patee 5 kg

Pasta amarilla mórbida Orlux Gold Patee 5 kg Morbid pasta
Pasta amarilla mórbida Orlux Gold Patee 5 kg
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Tags: Pasta , para , Canarios , GOLD , PATE , ORLUX , Morbid , pasta , Orlux
Orlux Gold Patee Yellow paste for canaries is a high quality wet rearing paste.

Its special formula made with egg and honey offers the young a high nutritional value with a great appetite.

With added nectar, based on 100% natural honey.

Specially designed for canaries, wild and exotic birds.

The supplementary addition of lysine and methionine, two fundamental amino acids, makes the growth of the chicks vigorous and fast and they will obtain a perfect plumage.

The intestinal flora stimulants strengthen the pigeons and prevent them from diseases.

FreshPack packaging. Products labeled "100% guaranteed freshness" are packaged in a special, protected environment. Oxygen is removed from the container and replaced by inert gas. This prevents the formation of harmful microorganisms and guarantees the conservation of its vitamins.

It is recommended to put the pasta without limitations in breeding and moulting periods. During the rest of the year, administer two to three times a week.

Bakery products, by-products of vegetable origin, oils and fats, cereals, honey (7.5%), sugars, eggs and egg products, vegetable protein extracts, minerals, methionine and lysine.

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