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Natural pineta stop   Suitable for diarrhea, constipation, convalencias after use of antibiotics.   It is a combination of natural substances, vitamins, minerals and trace elements and an absorbent effective for regulating digestive action functions. It is recommended in the case of ..
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Acidifying Plus - OrniluckAcidifying powder to add to pasta or feedFurther information:Orniluck Acidifying Plus is a combination of organic acids in powder form that helps to counteract bacterial and fungal growth in the bird's intestine and inhibit mycotoxins present in food. Daily use at recommend..
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Indicated in case of pecking and cannibalism.   It is an association of choline, lysine, methionine, trace elements and minerals used to balance and supplement the nutritional intake; It contains the optimal dose of keratin, vegetable meal high protein and mineral content to avoid the shortc..
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  It is a balanced association of vitamins and minerals that is used for the preparation of the reproductive period, for singing and in cases of problems in the fertility or of embryonic deaths. Stimulates and favors coupling, laying eggs, reduces anomalies and mortality of young chicks. Contain..
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Pineta CIP VIT Multivitamins powder soluble in water Polyvitaminic complex with high vitamin value assimilable and essential amino acids. It is recommended in case of growth retardation, rickets, reduced egg fertility and hatchability. Improves the plumage and song of the birds, prepares for hat..
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It is a combination of nutritional substances, fructooligosacáridos milk enzymes capable of preserving and rebalance the intestinal bacterial flora. It consists of a selection of microorganisms capable of living the intestine reach and positively promote intestinal health of the bird. The product fu..
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Special Breeding 1 kg (protein concentrate and effective detoxifying effect and supports liver function)Perfect for increasing the survivability of chicks and stimulating their growth.Food feed useful to complete the diet of birds.Protein: 31%It also represents an important source of amino acids, vi..
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PhytoBiol Prebiotic and Probiotic Based on Medicinal Plants• Strengthens immune defenses• Develops a pre- and probiotic effect• Regulates Metabolism and the intestine• Based on medicinal plants with beneficial properties• Improves plumage• Promotes the growth of chicks in brooding• Recommended for C..
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Detoxification and Antioxidant to improve recovery from contests, stress, treatments and stimulates fertilityIt is used before mating, during egg laying, during the incubation period and when the chicks stay in the nest. It is indicated from the first day of life for a harmonious growth and optimal ..
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Lievitor acts as a prebiotic I favorecindo growth regulator nestlings and intestinal flora   It is recommended for its high content of protein of high biological value and represents a natural source of vitamins and minerals. Regulates the intestinal bacterial flora, promotes the proper abso..
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Mycotos is an absorbent that helps control the development of mycotoxins.It is a combination of ingredients with a high power ofadsorption. Contains ingredients with a preserving actionthat can reduce the growth of mold and mildew, in addition to otheruseful substances to control the damage caused b..
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– Polen de Abejas de altísima calidad que favorece enormemente el organismo en pájaros.– Rico en proteínas y componentes activos útiles contra la proliferación microbiana.– Vitaminas (A, D, E, B1, C, K, colina y rutin),– Sales minerales (sodio, potasio, magnesio, calcio, aluminio, hierro, cobre cinc..
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