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papilla de embuchar Jarad 800 gr

papilla de embuchar Jarad 800 gr
papilla de embuchar Jarad 800 gr
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Slurry to raise birds and other Psittacidae hand
The pastas are breeding more nutritional support it provides carbohydrates , proteins and vitamins needed for optimal growth and recovery Chicks parent.
This porridge is ideal for hand rearing chicks nymph agaporni , parakeet , parakeets and parrots that need a high energy diet complete and nutritious food.
This porridge is an excellent quality recommended by veterinarians and professional breeders product. It is designed to form a slurry feed the only chick from birth to weaning. No need to add vitamin and mineral supplements . Support the chicks to grow faster and healthier, wean earlier and better than other animals fed with homemade recipes.
Its unique formula incorporates ingredients of high biological value and balanced composition guarantees optimal growth in chick.
Ingredients : Cereals , sugar , egg ppolvo , derivatives of vegetable origin. Oils and fats , milk and milk derivatives , seeds , minerals , yeast, natural flavors , antioxidants , ethoxyquin , J3H3 , E312 .
Guaranteed Analysis : Vitamin A, E , B12 , K3 . B1 , B6, pantothenic acid .
Analytical constituents : protein 19% , fat 6.7% , ash 5.8% , fiber 4.88% , 7% moisture
How to prepare:
    Mix the powder with hot water (49 ° C ) in a clean container .
    Mix until a slurry consistency , neither too thick nor too thin .
    Let the mixture cool to about 41 º C and feed the chick .
Recommendations for use :
    The chicks should be fed respecting a routine, where daily to get their food at the same times .
    Prepare each time a slurry that will be eating , not to save the remains of porridge as there is danger of bacterial growth.
    Always use clean instruments (syringes , spoons, tube embuchar , etc). After each use, clean and disinfect the instruments used . Clean the rest of porridge that may remain in the chick and in bed .
    For several feed chicks, each must have their own instruments to avoid the spread of infection between them .
formats :
 800 grs

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