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JAULA hamster chino - voltrega 115

JAULA hamster chino - voltrega 115
JAULA hamster chino - voltrega 115
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CAGE Chinese hamster - voltrega 115
Hamster cage. The cage is made of plastic and metal, material quality and very durable. The bottom of the cage is a plastic tray with high edges that prevent spilling bed. Guarantees a perfect ventilation and air circulation. Above has a door to provide access to the cage and cleaning. It is very easy to wash and can be disinfected regularly.
All accessories are made of plastic, so it can be easily washed. In the wheel of exercise your hamster can run and stretch the legs, doing all the exercise you need to be healthy.
It is fun every time you go up and down through the tunnels. Tunnels mimic the structure of these animals have burrows in nature. The cage has two tunnels, one of them is an endless tunnel with vent. The other tunnel covers one side of the cage. Your hamster will have fun exploring and visiting the different tunnels.
The cage includes: Igloo - Casita. Exercise Wheel
Cage Dimensions: 39 x 25.5 x 22 cm
Polypropylene plastic accessories. Especially for Russian Hamster and Roborobsky. Separation between wires 7 mm.

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