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Cages for birds


In Pets Alfafa find one of the broadest portfolios of bird cages small and larger birds and those requiring specific space requirements.

All bird cages we sell online are of top brands and are made totally fit for our pets the highest quality materials.

We have variety of designs rectangular cage birds, bow, corner, single, group of birds, classic and modern wooden cages birdcages models with all the equipment and many accessories for your pets live with comfort

Cage wooden house is a quality cage , entirely made by hand.   Dispose of: removable tray Feeder Wood pecha Measurements: Height: 40 cm Depth: 20 cm Width: 46 cm  ..
Ex Tax:24.75€
Beautiful handcrafted wooden cage completely. Measurements:      Width 40 cm      Height 34 cm      Bottom 23 cm 1.3 cm separation between bars. Tray and removable grill. Available for Canaries, finches, verdones, suckers and similarly sized birds. included Acces..
Ex Tax:23.97€
Cage beautiful handmade quality and durability.   It includes stick rests bird feeder , grid floor and removable tray .   It has the following measures Height 31 cm Width 18 cm Bottom 18 cm..
Ex Tax:20.62€
Hispalis lark cage with balconyCompletely handmade lark cage, with balcony, made of pine wood.Wooden feeder included.It also has a removable tray, to facilitate cleaning.Approximate measurements as it is handmade without counting the balcony:Width 42.50 cmDepth 18.5 cmHeight 27 cm..
Ex Tax:24.75€
Berlin cage   Excellent cage specially designed for the accommodation of all type of small birds like exotic, tropical, canaries, parakeets, agapornis.   It has a nice and decorative design, offering a suitable and safe home to your bird where you can live.   Made of metal pa..
Ex Tax:10.33€
The birdcage Nova, Alamber manufacturer, is one of the ideal cages for birds for their actions.   The measures of the cage are 45 x 24.5 x 54 cm, and therefore the birds like canaries, parakeets, goldfinches ... can make daily exercise they need.   Carries lower tray for easy cleanin..
Ex Tax:23.88€
Nice cage specially designed to accommodate all kinds of birds as exotic, tropical, canaries, parakeets, lovebirds.   Have a nice decorative design, providing adequate and secure your bird home where they can live. It contains the basic elements that need a bird to live comfortably. Thanks t..
Ex Tax:45.04€
Estupenda jaula para inseparables y ninfas, muy amplia donde tus aves se encontraran lo mejor posible. Medidas 45 x 85 x 40.5cm..
Ex Tax:54.41€
Preciosa jaula para aves de la marca RSL con las siguientes medidas 43 x 62.5 x 29 cm. Los accesorios expuestos en la foto van incluidos en el precio..
Ex Tax:37.98€
Jaula para pájaros tipo carolina y agapornis Comederos interiores y cubeta con cajón extraible Medidas: 40 x 29 x 62 cm...
Ex Tax:37.98€
Jaula Techo Sombrero - Pequeña Pintada,con una Anchura de 29, una Altura de 34,5 y un Fondo de 20 cm...
Ex Tax:13.02€
Jaula Arqueada Alambre Horizontal - Pequeña Pintada, con una Anchura de 34 cm, una Altura de 37,5 cm y un Fondo de 18 cm. Accesorios incluidos...
Ex Tax:15.64€
Jaula Techo con Ola - Pequeña Pintada,con una Anchura de 29 cm, una Altura de 40 cm y un Fondo de 18 cm. Accesorios incluidos..
Ex Tax:13.61€
Jaula Cuadrada Economica Pequeña Zincada, disponible tambien en Pintada, con una Anchura de 28 cm, una Altura de 23,5 cm, y un Fondo de 20 cm. Barrotes en  blanco o zincada a elegir en observarciones a la hora de realizar el pedido...
Ex Tax:12.81€
Jaula Techo Pico Economica Pequeña Zincada, disponible tambien en Pintada a elegir en observaciones a la hora de realizar el pedido. Medidas Anchura de 28 cm, una Altura de 27,5 cm, un Fondo de 20 cm...
Ex Tax:13.84€
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