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versele laga Nutribird p15 original

versele laga Nutribird p15 original
versele laga Nutribird p15 original
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Product presentation
NutriBird P 15 Original is a balanced complete maintenance food for parrots. Pellets with a scientifically approved composition, based on selected grains, fresh fruit and peanuts. Completely consumable, no losses. Contains Florastimul, which supports the intestinal flora and protects against intestinal disorders. If your bird is not used to pellet food, the switch to this new type of food must be made gradually. See the NutriBird switching table.

Analytical constituents
 Protein   15 
 Fat content   16 
 Crude fibre   3,50 
 Crude ash   6,50 
 Calcium   0,90 
 Phosphorus   0,30 
 Lysine   0,80 
 Methionine   0,35 
 Cystine   0,25 
 Threonine   0,50 
 Tryptophan   0,15 
 Nutritional additives        
 Vitamin A   8.000  IU/kg 
 Vitamin D3   1.650  IU/kg 
 Vitamin E   90  mg/kg 
 Vitamin K   mg/kg 
 Vitamin B1   7,50  mg/kg 
 Vitamin B2   17,50  mg/kg 
 Vitamin B3   22  mg/kg 
 Vitamin B6   6,50  mg/kg 
 Vitamin B12   0,03  mg/kg 
 Vitamin C   55  mg/kg 
 Vitamin PP   90  mg/kg 
 Folic acid   1,65  mg/kg 
 Biotin   0,29  mg/kg 
 Choline chloride   625  mg/kg 
 ?-carotene   4,80  mg/kg 
 E2 (iodine)   2,30  mg/kg 
 E4 (copper)   11  mg/kg 
 E5 (manganese)   110  mg/kg 
 E6 (zinc)   105  mg/kg 
 E8 (selenium)   0,30  mg/kg 

 Seeds (min. 10 % groundnut kernels)      
 Fruit (min. 5 % fresh fruit)      
 Vegetable protein extracts      
 Derivatives of vegetable origin      
 Extr. Yucca schidigera      
 Trace elements      

  Boxes  1 kg


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