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Complementary food for birds. It is a product that is involved in training, protecting cells and eye pigment deficiency can cause blindness, being essential to its contribution to canaries recessive and not assimilate vitamin A from food.   Ingredients: Vitamin A-10 000 u. i x 1Kg. dextrose ..
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Vitamin A 100 ml Laffi   Birds of cage, exotic, ornamental and pigeons: Vitamin A intervenes in the formation, protection and regeneration of tissues (skin and mucous membranes) and in the formation of ocular pigments, responsible for vision. It also intervenes in the regulation of bone meta..
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Preventive treatment (transfers, competitions, breeding, etc.) Vitamin A   Lack of vitamin A causes a reduction of the defense capacity of the cells, which are covering all interior and exterior surfaces of the body, resulting in the emergence of centers of infection, especially in the eyes,..
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megabactol high power energy - eat Spain   Bird Megabactol contains essential oils with stimulants and blood purifying properties: garlic oil for its purifying and antiseptic oil, cod liver, source of vitamin A, necessary for the eyes and skin, and vitamin D, which helps to the formation of ..
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