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Pasta young and dyes

In our store you will find a variety of pastes offspring for all types of birds, with natural ingredients and top quality.

Of which are necessary during the breeding season, as a staple food and during moulting. Increases the defenses and provides a beautiful and thick plumage.

The colors are used to prevent loss of plumage of birds, and improve brightness. The effect of colors depends on genetics, pure pigments and dosage.

Brands: Witte mole, Versele laga, Superking, Cede, Raggio di sole, Cliffi, Bogena, kiki, Jarad, Biopal, Orlux. Quiko, Nekton, Raff, Beaphar, Supravit, Canariz.

Black Bird Ornizin Potenciador de pigmentación negra
Black Bird Ornizin Black Pigmentation Enhancer Boosts black pigmentation and oxidation. Target species: Melian and fringilid canaries. Format: 160 ml. NGREDIENTS: Plant and amino acid extract with black pigmentation and oxidation power. ANALYSIS: Crude Protein: <1%, Crude Fat: <1%, Cru..
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