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winmix bird multiples vitaminas para el metabolismo

winmix bird multiples vitaminas para el metabolismo
winmix bird multiples vitaminas para el metabolismo
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bird winmix multiple vitamins for metabolism
Winmix birds Bird gives all the vitamins and trace elements necessary for an active and harmonious life.
Contains essential for proper muscle proteins, which are essential also during the breeding period.
Contains vegetable fibers to balance extracts digestion and beneficial health plants bird.
Each component Winmix Bird is perfectly dosed to ensure a balanced and coordinated operation. Furthermore, Winmix is one hundred percent effective thanks to its fully absorbable form which ensures that each dose reaches its target.
Administer 2 grams of Winmix per kg food (not teaspoon full) may be given throughout the year.
For more specific use in difficult moments give 2 g. per 250g. food.
Packaging: 250 gr

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