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Quiko intensive yellow, 50 g    Food supplement for cage birds.    To enhance or maintain the yellow color of yellow birds factor.    Yellow Intense Quiko prevents discoloration  yellow plumage.    The administration can be mixed with water or pulp breeding.  ..
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Quiko , Pigment feet and beaks , polV Sol . 250 g   The bistorta Quiko naturally intensifies the dark pigmentation of all calloused parts . It also stimulates metabolism and digestion.   Dosage: about 50 grams to 1 kg egg pasta   Store in a dry place..
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Health and strengthens the immune system. Intensifies the natural color of the plumage   The main feature of Quiko Spirulina is the excellent combination of the various components and their ability to perform its many functions together. Quiko Spirulina intensifies the natural color of the p..
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The Seaweed Quiko has an enhancing effect Natural colorful plumage . Naturally intensifies (red , brown, black ) dark pigment of melanin , increasing the optimal brightness level and improve your metabolism.   Administration : Mix 5 grams in one liter of water or a kilo of pasta, two or thre..
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Dietary supplement for cage birds .   To accentuate the red and to intensify the color of canaries, finches, etc.   Quiko Canthaxantina contains a lot of canthaxantina and lots of vitamins .   It can be administered in water mixed with pasta or breeding .   100 grams..
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Med Quiko powder is a completely natural extract without any known side effects. Kills bacteria, fungi and intestinal coccidia of birds.   Composition: Each 100 grams contains Quiko Med 5 g of aetheroleum Origani (oregano).   How to use: Therapeutic Dosage: 3 grams (one level mea..
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-14 %
QUIKO MED FOR BIRDS   Med Quiko powder is a completely natural extract without any known side effects. Kills bacteria, fungi and intestinal coccidia of birds. Composition: Each 100 grams contains Quiko Med 5 g of aetheroleum Origani (oregano).   How to use: Therapeutic Dosage..
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Garlic powder Quiko a 100% natural product that is used to prevent the onset of coccidiosis. Garlic powder cleans the blood and prevents the development of this disease. At the same time has expectorant in respiratory diseases. Garlic powder contains allicin which acts as a natural antibiotic, there..
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Pencil flashlight to inspect the eggs of birds. Ideal to look inside the egg, see if it is fertilized and also ensure that the embryo is in good condition.   Very easy to use and manage thanks to its small size makes it easy for observation.   It has a powerful light to observe in de..
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Quiko plus Extra Protein   Quiko is basically Plus Extra Beer Yeast enriched with B vitamins and extra levels of protein, amino acids and minerals.   It is particularly suitable to strengthen federation Pasta with valuable nutrients during the time the chick leaves the nest until the..
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Pliers to close rings of the following diameters:   2.5 mm   3 mm   4 mm   4.5 mm   6 mm..
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Yeast proteins for all birds. They are additional food for all decorative birds . In powder form .   administration: Using two teaspoons Yeast Quiko mixed with 1 kg of food three times a week .   Composition: Yeast   Guaranteed Analysis per kg : Protein (min ) 48.0 % ..
Ex Tax:5.55€
QUIKO CHLORELLA   Quiko Chlorella is a 100% natural product.   Minerals, vitamins and natural proteins.   Food for all types of companion birds.   Composition: 100% chlorella seaweed.   Analytical components: crude protein 50.00%, moisture content 10%, crude f..
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Promotes fertilization through the ideal combination of Vitamin E and iron, 31 minerals, trace elements and vitamins excellently combined for different birds, with an optimal growth of bone structure and growth of a perfect plumage.    Quiko Forte Powder for canaries, parakeets, pigeons and ..
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Vitamin high value to increase fertility , especially for canaries, parakeets, cage birds and pigeons. Significantly increase the strength and fecundity of birds.   Composition: propanediol, Dextrose .   Composition per kg : Vitamin E 50,000 mg -acetate   Analytical constitue..
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Sales Quiko Bathroom Extra gives health to the birds throughout the year . It makes the pen is changing faster and ensures that the move is done smoothly.   1 teaspoon of salt per liter of water..
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For natural color red and the intensification of brightness and colorrojo canaries, finches, cardinals, etc.   Quiko Beta Carotene contains a large amount of beta carotene and several vitamins. Quiko Beta Carotene can be given breeding paste or mixed with water.   For a natural r..
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Intensifies the red color in the red factor birds .   Intense red canthaxanthin and contains more vitamins. You can add or can be mixed with pasta breeding .   Administration : 10 g in 500 ml of water or 500 grams of paste breeding .   50 grams..
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