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Súper medicina (SjoerdZwart)

Súper medicina (SjoerdZwart)
Súper medicina (SjoerdZwart)
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Super medicine (SjoerdZwart)

Everyone who has birds has a sick bird from time to time. When birds are sick, they are often in pain. This pain makes the muscles contract and the birds quickly convex on the perch or on the ground. Because these birds no longer eat or drink, they become weak and sick all the time.

The super medicine ensures that the bird is no longer in pain and the bird relaxes. This makes the bird eat and drink again. 

We advise giving the sick bird a few drops of Super Medicine in its mouth first. After a few more days through the drinking water. 

A sick bird has often been eating poorly for several days. This weakens the intestines. Good results are obtained to give the bird anticoccidiosis for 1 more week. Anti-coccidiosis ensures good intestinal health, making

the bird recover quickly.

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