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Kiki max menú loros y cotorras 1kg

Kiki max menú loros y cotorras 1kg
Kiki max menú loros y cotorras 1kg
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  • Brands KIKI
  • Model 351
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Max Menu Parrots and Macaws are birds belonging to the family of Pistácidas, characterized by high longevity and high intelligence. However, this same intelligence, can provoke inappropriate behavior patterns of its kind in the free state. To avoid such situations, it is essential to interact with these birds, playing and keeping them as far as possible with a certain activity. But this strategy will never be valid unless accompanied and balanced nutrition that provides all the essentials such as vitamins, amino acids and minerals.
KIKI MAX MENU PARROTS provides the all essential nutrients in a balanced mix of seeds, it will also be an element because it always keeps appetite and attention to it

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